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The Aruba Peace Labyrinth Community: In 2005, a group of friends established the Aruba Peace Labyrinth to provide the local community with a serene space for inner reflection and tranquility ...

Nature & sustainabilityWellbeingCommunity & family
Peace, justice and strong institutions


Task · 2–4 hrs
Alto Vista, Noord, Aruba
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Nature & sustainabilityWellbeingCommunity & family
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Aruba Peace Labyrinth
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From Mon - Friday caring for the labyrinth, water the trees 3x, gardening, cleaning & organizing the labyrinth, enjoy & walk the labyrinth for reflection.

Detailed description

Our volunteer program offers an opportunity to help maintain the Aruba Peace Labyrinth and the surrounding gardens. Adopting the labyrinth involves taking on several tasks, including watering the plants and trees three times per week during your adopted week, at a time that is most convenient for you - whether in the morning or evening.

Additionally, you'll be responsible for organizing the walking paths and the center of the labyrinth. Of course, you'll also have the chance to enjoy and walk the labyrinth, taking in the peaceful and restorative

atmosphere of one of Aruba's most delightful spots.

As an adopter of the labyrinth, we'll provide you with an "Adopt the Labyrinth for a Week" package to support you in your efforts. This package includes two pairs of gloves, two water cans and two water bottles, pruning shears, a bucket for rocks or weeds, and flags for the peace pole.

Getting there

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About Aruba Peace Labyrinth

The Aruba Peace Labyrinth Community: In 2005, a group of friends established the Aruba Peace Labyrinth to provide the local community with a serene space for inner reflection and tranquility. This enchanting location offers a labyrinth for walking, providing an opportunity for contemplation, prayer, and self-discovery. The site is known for its positive energy field that fosters a deep connection with oneself and the natural world. Walking the labyrinth is a therapeutic and soothing experience that promotes healing. Additionally, the surrounding labyrinth gardens feature indigenous flora, enhancing the peaceful atmosphere of the space. As the saying goes, "solvitur ambulando" - it is solved by walking. Different activities like full moon walks, gratitude circles, yoga events and awakening storytelling evenings are organized at the labyrinth, making it a hub for holistic wellness and community gatherings.
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