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Aruba Volunteers

The volunteer platform in Aruba

Welcome to Aruba Volunteers

Where volunteers and organizations meet.

Would you like to help make Aruba even more beautiful?

Is your organization looking for volunteers?

Are you looking for information about volunteer work and everything that it entails?

Do you want to contribute to a more inclusive society?

Aruba Volunteers can help with that.

Here you can introduce yourself as a volunteer and/or organization, and as a volunteer, you can find a job that suits you.

Newest opportunities

Task · 2–4 hrs
Shelter Helpers
Provide general care for and feeding of cats, cleaning of cat enclosures, interact with cats to socialize for adoption.Posted by Nine Lives Aruba Foundation
Organisation role · Flexible hours
From home
Cat Fosters
Provide temporary homes, care, and socialization before our cats get permanently adopted.Posted by Nine Lives Aruba Foundation
Your valuable input will assist us in improving the quality of life for individuals with addiction.Posted by Adopt an Addict
Task · 8 hrs
Activities Coordinator
We are looking for an activity coordinator who enjoys working with older people (with physical and/or cognitive disabilities).Posted by Helping Our Precious Elderly Foundation
Project role (Temporary) · 4–8 hrs/Week · Starting from 10 Jul For around 4 weeks
YMCA Summer Camp 2023 Co-Leaders
Are you looking for something fun and meaningful to do during the Summer break? Do you like working with kids and youth? Apply now and join the fun!Posted by YMCA Aruba
Project role (Temporary) · 2 hrs/Week · Starting from 8 May 2023 For around 8 weeks
Afterschool Homework Instructor (Mathematics)
You will guide and support youngsters with their mathematics homework, helping them improve and understand mathematics.Posted by Fundacion Centro Famia Piedra Plat
Task · 2–4 hrs
Dog volunteers
We are looking for volunteers to help with the morning or evening caring duty for the dogs and puppies. It involves cleaning, caring for and loving the dogs.Posted by Sgt. Pepper’s Friends
Task · 2–4 hrs
Cat volunteers
We are looking for cat volunteers to take care of rescue kittens and cats. It involves cleaning, playing, cuddling with the cats and making pics & videos.Posted by Sgt. Pepper’s Friends
Project role (Temporary) · 2–4 hrs/Week · Starting from 1 Sept
Sport coach
Are you interested in working with children ages 6 to 11 for 2 hrs, doing fun sports activities/games to get them moving?
You will receive some compensation.
Posted by Jump18
Task · 2–4 hrs
From Mon - Friday caring for the labyrinth, water the trees 3x, gardening, cleaning & organizing the labyrinth, enjoy & walk the labyrinth for reflection. Posted by Aruba Peace Labyrinth
Task · 0–2 hrs
From home
DTP-er/Wordpress savvy
We are looking for somebody that can help us create digital artwork for flyers, t-shirts, and social! Posted by Animal Welfare Alliance Aruba
Organisation role · 4–8 hrs/Week · Starting from 7 Apr 2023
Be part of a great team to help minimize the overpopulation of cats and dogs on the island.Posted by Animal Welfare Alliance Aruba


Aruba Volunteers is an initiative of CEDE Aruba

CEDE Aruba (Centro pa Desaroyo) brings people and resources together for sustainable development. In the fight against the socio-economic and social problems in Aruba, we bring together target groups that can strengthen each other and where there is opportunity for social and educational development. We contribute to a community where people of all ages and backgrounds can thrive. We believe that sustainable development in the Aruban community is feasible and volunteering contributes significantly to this.