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Aruba Peace Labyrinth

About Aruba Peace Labyrinth

The Aruba Peace Labyrinth Community: In 2005, a group of friends established the Aruba Peace Labyrinth to provide the local community with a serene space for inner reflection and tranquility. This enchanting location offers a labyrinth for walking, providing an opportunity for contemplation, prayer, and self-discovery. The site is known for its positive energy field that fosters a deep connection with oneself and the natural world. Walking the labyrinth is a therapeutic and soothing experience that promotes healing. Additionally, the surrounding labyrinth gardens feature indigenous flora, enhancing the peaceful atmosphere of the space. As the saying goes, "solvitur ambulando" - it is solved by walking. Different activities like full moon walks, gratitude circles, yoga events and awakening storytelling evenings are organized at the labyrinth, making it a hub for holistic wellness and community gatherings.


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