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Volunteer work

Your commitment is priceless!

Volunteering is not something you only do for someone else, you do it also for yourself! As a volunteer you can use your skills but also develop yourself. It makes you feel good and you can contribute to a better society. Does this sound like something you would like? You will find many great vacancies in our job bank. Structural volunteer work or for one time only.

Register for the volunteer pool

Haven't found anything yet? Create a profile so that an organization can find you for a nice project!

Let us know your preference and get a message from an organization that needs help straight to your inbox. You are not committed to anything yet.

Experiences of volunteers

A spoiled visitor

"I saw an opportunity on the Aruba Volunteers website to be a photographer for Aruba Doet, and it was an ...
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Pizza fun with people with limitations

"I attended a cooking workshop for people with disabilities living at Biba Bao Guia together with my ...
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Coordinator for Aruba Doet

A very interesting opportunity with a little bit of everything

"I registered to be a coordinator for Aruba Doet, and it was an incredible experience. We had nearly 200 ...
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Beautiful moments due to volunteer work

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