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Aruba Hi-Winds

About Aruba Hi-Winds

Aruba Hi-Winds Pro-Am exists to promote Aruba as a world-class
watersports destination, while providing a platform for local and
international athletes to compete, learn, and connect. Our five-day
event serves windsurfers, kitesurfers, wing foilers, sailors, mountain
bikers, and sports enthusiasts of all ages, while supporting local
foundations that work for the youth of Aruba. We strive to motivate
our staff, supporters, board, and volunteers by creating a festive
Caribbean environment that celebrates sports, music, food, and
culture. Our decision-making is guided by a commitment to adapt and
improve the event to meet the evolving needs of our participants and
sponsors. Together, we focus our energy and attention on making Aruba
Hi-Winds Pro-Am a premier global sports event that benefits our
community and inspires the world.


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