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Aruba Dolphins Zwemvereniging

About Aruba Dolphins Zwemvereniging

Mission: Our mission is to promote swimming in Aruba and develop athletes in a supportive environment.

History: - Founded in 1975 by swimming legend Roly Bisslik. - Bisslik's dream was to build an Olympic Pool in Savaneta. - Fundraised by swimming from Venezuela to Aruba in 1988. - Donations enabled the purchase of land for the pool. - The Olympic-size pool proudly carries Roly Bisslik's name.

Membership: - Largest swim team in Aruba. - Member of the Aruba Swimming Federation (A.A.F.)- Governed by a board of directors.

Achievements: - Produces talented swimmers for regional and international competitions. - Represented Aruba at the Olympic Games. - Earned accolades and medals.

Programs and Activities: - Offers comprehensive swimming programs for all ages and skill levels. - Focuses on technique, endurance, and a healthy lifestyle. - Organizes regular training, competitions, and workshops. - Emphasizes cooperation, respect, and sportsmanship.


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