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A spoiled visitor

"I saw an opportunity on the Aruba Volunteers website to be a photographer for Aruba Doet, and it was an ...
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Pizza fun with people with limitations

"I attended a cooking workshop for people with disabilities living at Biba Bao Guia together with my ...
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Coordinator for Aruba Doet

A very interesting opportunity with a little bit of everything

"I registered to be a coordinator for Aruba Doet, and it was an incredible experience. We had nearly 200 ...
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Game morning at SABA

Game morning with the elderly at SABA

"I attended a game morning event at SABA elderly home since I recently moved to Aruba and saw this as a great ...
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Helping is a pleasure

Why I decided to volunteer? I feel that helping is a pleasure, it gets you close to people and makes you able ...
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Why I volunteer?

Nothing makes you happier then helping others.

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Results right away!

We organized a workshop for the elderly on how to use a mobile phone. It was a great success and at the end of ...
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